LCG Services



Long Consulting Group is a premier private investigation firm.  Our experience as lead FBI agents in complex federal criminal investigations, combined with private sector experience, ensures our clients' needs are met with skill, integrity, and reliable results. Investigation services include: 

  • Civil matters 
  • Criminal defense
  • Workplace internal investigations 
  • Litigation support 
  • Backgrounds and due diligence
  • Investigative research  
  • Surveillance 
  • Threat management 
  • Missing persons
  • Other investigations tailored to our clients' needs and objectives  


LCG knows the value of identifying and reducing risk. Our extensive tactical, operational, and investigative experience provides the foundation for our security consulting and protective services.  Security services and consulting include: 

  • Security and risk assessments 
  • Active shooter preparation and training  
  • Workplace violence prevention programs and training 
  • Executive and personal protection
  • Corporate security  
  • Active threat management 
  • School safety and security programs 
  • Church and faith-based mission organization security and international travel safety  
  • Customized security services tailored to our clients' needs  

Expert Witness Consulting

During his 25 year FBI career, William Long developed expertise in complex criminal investigations, firearms training, SWAT, and domestic terrorism operations.   

Unlike many law enforcement officers,  FBI agents typically participate in extensive case strategy development and trial preparation alongside Assistant United States Attorneys.  Mr. Long holds a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree and is highly experienced in trial preparation and testifying in trials, grand jury, depositions, suppressions, preliminary, and other hearings.   

Mr. Long provides expert witness consulting and testimony in the areas of : 

  • Use of deadly force 
  • Firearms use and training 
  • Law enforcement SWAT operations and training
  • Criminal informant and undercover operations 
  • Domestic Terrorism 
  • Complex criminal matters 

See Mr. Long's bio on this website.  His CV is available upon request. 

School Safety Programs

LCG provides school safety services to private, charter, and public schools.  Services include: 

  • Risk and threat assessments 
  • Site surveys 
  • Threat management team development and training 
  • Crisis response protocols 
  • Staff and student training 
  • International travel safety training and planning 
  • Comprehensive safety and security planning